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Products to monitor human movements applied for a person in the physical rehabilitation process, as well as for athlete training and for watching elderly patients in a hospital and at home.


BioSmart human movement products are unique for real-time visualization of a person’s movements through wireless connection to a computer, which makes possible to take care of patients at home or in hospitals, by receiving alarm signals in case of any dangerous movements or falls. Another innovative equipment is the BioSmart’s proprietary angular biofeedback system that helps physiotherapists to measure the evolution of their patient’s rehabilitation.
Athlete’s coaches can also use this system to trace the athlete’s movements – in most cases imperceptible to the human eye.


BioSmart is a technology-based company, which had its start from the results of an innovation developed as a new line of products within the Master´s Degree thesis of its founder. It makes possible recording the movements of a non-handicapped person for its reproduction on a handicapped person. Partners and clients from European countries have expressed their interest in these innovative BioSmart products.

Phone: +55 41 3346-3007
E-mail: contato@biosmart.com.br



contato@biosmart.com.br | +55 41 3015-9230
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